About Us

Binolla’s main target is to provide its traders with the best tool for operating on financial markets. It’s the convenient, fast, and reliable instrument for getting one’s financial freedom.

Innovations combined with customer experience

Here at Binolla, we make innovations to the world of trading. We appreciate the trader’s feedback – we do understand and value all their requests. As quick as we can we tr traders’ suggestions into new platform functions required by them. The platform is available on desktop computers, as well as on any kinds of mobile devices.


The efficiency of our platform and its uptime is 99,99%. Well-managed technical control procedures and timely measures to ensure the fail-safety of the platform, allow to achieve the maximum reliability.


In order to learn the basics of investing on financial markets you don’t have to risk your own funds.
You can use demo account for practicing - it is identical to trading on the real account. Learn the basics, practice on demo account, and as you feel comfortable you can switch to real trading!
Do not forget that your financial success depends on you!